How do we work?

We have many years of experience in the realization of all types of construction work starting from building shells to comprehensive finishing works and furnishing apartments, houses, and business premises.

If you entrust us with turnkey project then you shall save time and money. Our customer’s attention is focused on approving ready, thought-out concepts, instead of coordinating purchases, work, and solving problems as they emerge.


We offer comprehensive interior design services. Interior design architect and a decorator are a team that is responsible for the complete creation of apartments, houses, and business premises.

Stage I

  • we invite persons interested in our services to a non-commitments meeting that is free of charge. Based on the information that we get about the customer’s expectations we offer the scope and form of work, as well as terms and conditions for carrying it out.
  • once we agree on the details and financial conditions, we can start working on a project

Stage II

  • survey and analysis of the construction project
  • preparation and agreeing on functional areas
  • the project covers preparing all the drawings (including final division into functional areas, place and decoration of walls and ceilings, floors, design of stairs and railings, all required installations (water and sewage, central heating, electrical installation, IT, TV, alarm, sound – including multiroom, ventilation, air conditioning etc.), bathroom with bathroom tiles, fixtures and furniture, fireplace, wardrobes, kitchen furniture with appliances, wardrobe rooms, lighting)
  • presentation of decoration material samples
  • digital photorealistic visualization
  • working on the details – a good interior designer always remembers that looking after every detail impacts the satisfaction of future users

Stage III

  • preparation of a comprehensive offer for the implementation of the project by the specialists hired by us. The offer covers construction work, as well as purchases and deliveries, installation of all equipment and furnishings, making and installation of furniture, delivery and installation of decorative elements (e.g. window decorations)
  • the offered price is a closed budget which means there is a flat rate for all the work.

The price includes work supervision (unlimited if work is entrusted to ISON).


  • on the basis of an approved project and materials chosen for finishing works we prepare a complete quotation. It includes all general construction work mentioned in the project (water and sewage system, central heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical installation, IT, antenna, sound – as well as, multiroom, alarm, central vacuum etc.), glazier work, woodwork (stairs, windows, doors, kitchen furniture, built-in closets and bathroom closets, all individually designed furniture). The cost estimate also includes delivery and installation of floor and wall linings, tiles, fixtures, lighting, home, radio, and TV appliances, fireplaces, decorative articles and furnishings. We can offer advice on how to optimize the scope of work so that the apartment that is in your plans, beginning from the project to complete finishing works and furnishing, does not exceed the assumed budget.
  • the final price quotation constitutes an appendix to the agreement. The quotation if a closed budget and covers all the costs that need to borne to realize to project and will not change once the work commences (turnkey apartment projects).


  • we make purchases of all finishing materials, equipment, and furnishings
  • it is our task to coordinate the delivery of building and finishing materials, as well as furnishings for the interior. We are responsible for the delivery of ordered materials in correct quantity and on time. In case of complaints about damaged products or products that do not conform to the order, we can handle all the paper work.
  • materials are stored in our warehouse until they are required for installation


  • architects and construction workers who are working in one company are a guarantee of high quality of finishing works, as well as fault-free implementation of the design ideas.
  • turnkey projects require that installation and finishing works are our responsibility, also using cutting edge technologies.
  • in case of houses that are treated as turnkey projects it means that we perform all the internal and external works, beginning from shell without windows and doors
  • for us complete turnkey works means to the customer is handed over keys to a finished, furnished, and ready to use interior


  • furniture designed by us and door woodwork is made in our authorized carpenter’s workshop.
  • in the manufacturing process we rely on the experience of our designers and technology experts who participate in domestic and international furniture fairs and are up to date with the newest trends and solutions.
  • except for furniture we also make other untypical elements such as: glass elements, structures made of architectural concrete and stone, metal elements, upholstered pieces, stairs, railings, mantelpieces for fireplaces and bio-fireplaces.
  • a good interior architect cannot be limited – we guarantee that we can turn every untypical element of a design into reality. Having the possibility to make prototypes we test innovative solutions offering you as a result unique and original solutions


  • we have an insurance policy
  • we offer guarantee for our work